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Optionals: Welcome



Who can join UIAS Optional batch ?

  • Aspire to become civil servant, need proper guidance, right atmosphere

  • Preparing seriously for set of optionals UIAS offer

  • Wish to make optional your key to success

  • Wish to work a bit more to confirm your seat in the final list

What is UIAS Optional batch?

  • Each optional subject is taught by two experienced teachers

  • Exhaustive preparing important topics

  • Discussion based thorough preparation

  • Elaborate discussion on PYQs

  • Dedicated, Compassionate, Experienced, Socially Spirited teacchers

  • Notes, Class Handouts provided

  • Periodic answer writing practice

  • Mode - Blended

  • Duration - Around 3 Moths

  • Starting From - 23 March 2023 (Sociology and History)

  • Timing - 3PM to 5PM  ( 3/ 4 days a week according to subject)

  • Fees - 25000/- (Inclusive of GST)

Optionals: Text
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